My Las Vegas Tattoo Shops

We have reviewed the best tattoo shops in Las Vegas to give you a place to get your new tattoo. We love really bad ass tattoos and want to help you get yours done too.

Here are some amazing tattoos for you to get some inspiration:

Find out what makes a great tattoo!

Making the decision to get a tattoo in Las Vegas is one that will last forever. Everyone wants the masterpiece they decide to ink on their body to be a “good one.” However, knowing the difference between what makes a good tattoo vs. bad tattoo is essential. Determining what makes a good tattoo is the job of the tattoo artist. A tattoo artist capable of sketching what the customer wants requires a certain level of skill, technique and artistic ability. It is also important to remember that quality is equated to quantity within the tattoo industry. How so? The better quality of a tattoo received, is more expensive due to the rate of a skilled tattoo artist. Less skilled artists will often charge less than those who have been working in the industry for a while. Additionally, the quality of a tattoo will be determined based on the location it is on someone’s body. A finger tattoo will most likely require a high amount of upkeep, as fingers have a high range of motion and the tattoo will fade with stress placed upon it from movement.

Knowing the level of tattoo artist skill and determining the place a tattoo will be located are two requirements of getting a good tattoo. However, what makes a great tattoo?

Deciding on the design of the tattoo in addition to the color of the design and the size of the design are the first steps to make when getting a great tattoo. If you are getting any kind of text on your tattoo it is also important to decide on the size of the text and what the lettering will look like. After planning out the details of what the tattoo will look like, the next step is to make sure you get a great tattoo. A great tattoo is judged depending on several characteristics. The first characteristic of what makes a great attitude is if it’s clean. A clean tattoo will appear neatly designed and shaded appropriately. In addition to being clean, the line quality in the tattoo should be smooth, not choppy or dotted. Solid lines are what make up the tattoo’s design. Examples of bad lines include lines that are raised or scarred. The composition and color of the tattoo should also align with the design of the tattoo. If the color of the tattoo is grey and black, it will have a likelier chance of not looking as clean as a vibrant and colorful tattoo. In order to get a great tattoo make sure the design you are choosing is clean, the less amount of detail the higher the chance of a great tattoo. Additionally, when an appropriate place on the body is chosen for the design, the composition and color of the tattoo should be vivid and bright.